Kathak Community

“Noopur performing Arts Centre” is a learning centre for ‘Kathak’, the Indian Classical dance from North India . Founded in 1996 by the dance couple, Hari and Chethana, “Noopur” has offered training to students from various cultural, ethnic and educational backgrounds and till date has trained over 50 dedicated students. ‘Noopur’ is devoted to the cause of ‘spiritual dance’ that embodies the significance of pure, expressional and devotional kathak. Located in the heart of the city of Bangalore, the learning centre provides oppurtunities to students to learn and perform at various local, national and international forums. “Noopur” aims to keep up with the artistic traditions of North India, while integrating the cultural nuances of the South and hopes to foster the significance of spirituality, religion, values and ethics in dance in order to evoke the true essence of our Indian tradition. Noopur Performing Arts Center is also dedicated to building a community of Kathak dancers to ensure that the learning is nurtured and shared.


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